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There has been remarkable growth in the real estate sector over the past few decades. In the present time and age, the real estate sector is booming. There is a major shift in this sector as the top builders in India have become more professional in their services and business. 

Real estate developers are constructing all sorts of residential and commercial properties in India which include hotels, apartments, offices, shopping malls, and much more. In the years to come, we are going to witness several commercial projects undertaken by the top builders in India growing to full length.

There are several factors responsible for such a massive boom such as foreign direct investments, free funds investment in property, and the interest of various multinational companies in Indian real estate. 

There are many top developer buildings that had created an incredible benchmark in the Indian property market. Not only have they taken commercial real estate in India to new heights but also achieved success in Indian residential real estate.

Commercial property is the one that has the capability to generate profit through capital gain or rental income. Commercial property can be an office building or a residential duplex, warehouse, shop, or restaurant. 

Commercial properties are usually purchased with the motive to generate income or set up commercial space. Commercial property includes: 

  • Office space
  • Industrial use
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Multi-family rental
  • Schools
  • Warehouses and much more.

Companies usually prefer to either have their own commercial property like offices or take property on lease from the owners for a long period of time.

Commercial properties can offer buildings for purposes such as office buildings, medical centers, Shopping centers, Warehouses, Retail centers, Hotels, etc.

Many real estate investors suggest that investment in commercial properties is a wise decision as it has a high appreciation value and is a source of regular income. Usually, commercial properties are leased out for a long period of time so the income is stable that way. Compared to residential properties, commercial properties have higher rental rates. When you are earning by leasing, reselling, or holding it, is called commercial property meaning.

Commercial properties are majorly for office buildings. Office buildings can be subcategorized into three more divisions. 

First, offices situated in prime locations whose rent is usually higher in these types of areas.

Second, offices are in areas with decent locations. The price is also decent and not as high as in prime location areas. Third, offices that are located near rural areas such as medical buildings. Prices are fairly low here. 

There are numerous investors based in Delhi NCR. Many new projects are under construction for commercial purposes. You can get an affordable property with great amenities and you can expect great returns in the future.

After buying the property, people usually start advertising and promoting it. In fact, it is necessary also. There are various mediums for advertising your property. Both online and offline modes come into the picture. For offline advertising, you can give advertisements in the newspaper.

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